Residual Income Builder: Article Marketing

September 24th, 2007 | stacey | Financial Freedom, Financial Independence, Residual Income, Residual Income Online, Residual Income Opportunity

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If you are looking for a good residual income builder to attain financial freedom, consider article marketing. Marketing through articles is rewarding and easy because it takes a fraction of the time to learn as some of the other techniques used online today. While blog creation or link promotion can be time-consuming, there are only three simple steps to take.

First you find an article posting site where you can post articles online. Secondly, you write an original article and include links that go back to your websites. Finally, you publish or post your article at the posting site.

After your article is posted, ezine owners will seek content for their sties and take yours, which creates incoming links to your website. As a result, your page will rank high and you will gain additional search engine traffic.

Good posting sites to check out including go Go Articles and eZineArticles. An internet search can yield additional sites that accept articles for posting so you can get traffic to your website and rank higher on the search engines.

Try to write about subjects you are interesting in and know about so you will attract the most readers. Quality content is important because shoddy content will not ultimately bring in the traffic you are seeking.  By writing outstanding articles, you make residual income online.

Why not use article marketing as a residual income builder for yourself?

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